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The Western Pacific Railroad was not the largest of the Western Class-One railroads. It wasn't formed until 1906, with completion in 1909. However, operating in the shadow of giants like the Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and the Union Pacific, the relatively young WP had to work that much harder to survive. Thanks to the tenacious spirit and dedication of its employees, the WP rolled on in the face of occasional adversity with a spirit, humor, and culture that made them a legendary figure in the annals of railroading. In the 1960’s, the Western Pacific Marketing Department in San Francisco embarked on an advertising campaign, nicknaming their employees spirit the “Willing People”. Today, the volunteers of the Western Pacific Railroad Museum personify this spirit and dedication at our World Class museum. It is this tenacity that carries on the proud tradition of the WP railroaders before them.

700 Western Pacific Way, Portola, CA
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