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Located in Graeagle, California, Ronin Fermentation Project provides a unique perspective to new beer styles in addition to respecting the classics. The brewery has a taproom and comfortable patio where visitors can relax and soak up the fresh Graeagle air. The views are breathtaking, and the beer is made from high-quality ingredients made using cutting-edge and industry-leading techniques. Ronin attracts beer enthusiasts and students of food science from far and wide as a destination brewery.

Ronin makes world-class lagers and has also advanced at brewing with Koji, a Japanese fermentation technique, and spontaneous and mixed culture brewing. Excitement has been growing for Ronin’s one-of-a-kind koji beer, and new koji beers are released frequently. Currently, Electronic Monolith Koji Beer is on tap.

601 Graeagle Johnsville Rd, Graeagle, CA
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